What is a Tiny House?

Tiny Houses typically have all of the main amenities you use in a normal house, but in a space-efficient and cosy manner. Often they're movable e.g. built on a trailer.

What are the benefits?

Tiny Houses are an affordable and flexible option, especially for first home buyers. They support a minimalist culture and reduce demand on the environment. They also get around many of the costly consent processes.

What does the Society do?

We host social events and learning workshops to engage the community and share knowledge. We also actively share and maintain info via this website and the Facebook group.

A tiny house village in Christchurch’s red zone

We’re working with Regen Chch and CCC to propose a small village of tiny houses.

This would allow us to showcase a sustainable urban community while utilising land not fit for traditional builds. Our proposal aims to

  • Nurture the land and provide security to the neighbouring communities
  • Provide a social hub for events and community driven initiatives
  • Engage with council to provide a better understanding of Tiny Houses
  • Create a framework to help with future Tiny House villages

Recent updates

Want to build your own?

Our knowledgebase is filled with everything you need to know to get started.

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